Friday, November 23, 2012

Tillie the tornado!

Well a tiny kitten called Tillie came into our family last Saturday. At first she was very frightened in her new environment and the breeder said that she would probably miss her siblings for the first few days but within an hour or so with us she was racing around as if she owned the place. She is such a little character! Well a very big character with such energy. So much so that she does everything at full speed, racing around the house at full speed and up and down on all the furniture! Hence I have dubbed her Tillie Tornado. She shows absolutely no fear of our 7 month old puppy... and taunts him at every opportunity. I don't think she missed her siblings at all ... she has adopted us as family and I think she intends to be boss around here. The name Tillie apparently means Brave Warrior and she is certainly living up to her name. She wears me out ... just as well she is so cute!

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